First Pixel ‘feature drop’ update lets you add blur to any old photo

Adds new features to the older Pixels as well

Whether you wished you could blur that one (not-so-special, anymore) someone out of the frame, or simply wanted to blur your annoying photo-bombing office colleague, well, Pixel will now let you do just that!

In its first Pixel feature drop update, Google has added some handy new features across the board for new and older Pixel smartphone users.

What’s new?

The most standout feature has to be the ability to turn any old photo into a Portrait photo with background blur. This handy new feature works using an update to the Google Photos app (comes with the feature drop update) and will even work on photos that have been shot without any depth data or without using the Portrait mode.

The fancy Call Screen feature (available to US users only) will now work automatically and screen callers before they can get to you, so you can bid those pesky telemarketing and robo calls Goodbye!

Another cool feature is auto-framing that will smartly centre the person placing the video call in the frame when using the Duo app. There’s also a handy Portrait filter that you can use to blur the background so that you can get all the attention possible, without background distractions.

Who gets what?

While the above mentioned features will make it to the Pixel 2, 3 and 3a, there’s more stuff headed your way. The Recorder app now comes to all the older Pixel smartphones, while the Pixel 3 and 3a get Live Caption. ‘Flip to Shhh’ will also join the Digital Wellbeing features on Pixel 2 and 2XL. Feature list aside, the feature drop firmware update also brings performance improvements with better memory management.

How to get your Pixel ‘feature drop’ update

First update your Android firmware to the latest version, which should be out in a few weeks from now. Second, head to the Play Store and start updating your individual Google apps to get new features.