The fifth edition of the James Dyson Awards is now open for entries

₹2,900,000 in prizes to be won

It’s that time of year again. It’s when design and engineering graduates with an idea get a chance to show off their solutions and (if they are lucky) execute them as well. And it sure is a big prize pool with two hand-picked winners that get ₹2,900,000 each, to fund their design idea that will change the world.


The idea as always, goes with the theme of designing something that solves a problem. And the winner is picked by none other than James Dyson (Founder and Chief Engineer at Dyson) himself!


With a broad and open-ended theme, qualifying for it is quite simple. Students need a solid idea that aims to solve a big problem. And if the past winners are any indication, these ideas need to be well thought out. Past winners have found solutions to renewable energy generation, new forms of sustainable plastics, and medical and cancer screenings.


“Young people want to change the world and the Award supports them to do that giving crucial funding, validation and a platform to launch their ideas. They are remarkably successful, 65% of international winners are commercialising their ideas, against a backdrop where 90% of start-ups fail. I will be looking for radical inventions that challenge and question established thinking. Good luck!” James Dyson, Founder and Chief Engineer at Dyson.