Ferrari drops a new four-wheel drive supercar out of nowhere

Say hello to the family-friendly beast- The GTC4Lusso

This is Ferrari's way of extending an olive branch.

12 cylinder monsters are powerful but pricey, and you can't even take the kids anywhere! So this, here, is the GTC4Lusso. It is the closest Ferrari has come yet to make a family car. It has proper rear seats and a new system christened 4RM-S. It basically means that you can drive safely on all surfaces- be it rain or ice, courtesy the four-wheel drive and the rear-wheel steering.

Under the hood though, it's the bad boy your mother warned you about.

The V-12 engine churns up an eyewatering 680 horspower and goes from 0-100kmph in 3.4 seconds.

If you take your little kids for this ride, pack some diapers.

Ferrari will showcase the GTC4Lusso next month at the Geneva Auto Show so stick with us for more updates.