Fender enters the headphone game with a strong debut lineup

And no, they’re not shaped like miniature guitars

Fender, creator of the iconic, twangy strat, has just jumped into the headphone game.

The company has announced that it has acquired high-end US headphone manufacturer Aurisonics - a brand that has aimed its sights at audiophiles and pro musicians over the years.

Five models are kicking things off, starting with the cheapest US$100 (₹6700) DXA1 Pro, and going all the way up to the US$500 (₹33,800) FXA7 Pro.

Every model in the range features a titanium driver, while the higher-end versions were designed after thousands of ear scans, to achieve a custom-like fit for 95% of users.

We haven’t had a chance to try out any of the range ourselves, but with Aurisonics’ proven audio pedigree, we’ve got high hopes for the new Fender-branded in-ears.

Hit up this link for the full range, specs and pricing information, and we’ll work on getting Indian pricing and release dates as soon as we can.

[via The Verge]