Fallout 4’s launch trailer shows lots of gameplay

Story hints abound in Bethesda’s final appetite-whetter

Fallout 4 hits the PS4, Xbox One and PC next Tuesday, 10 November, so Bethesda’s hype machine is in full flow.

First the developer released the free Pip-Boy companion app for Android and iOS, which will work in sync with the console game to allow you to check your SPECIAL stats, perks, quests, inventory, map, radio and more. It also features a self-contained Atomic Command game (essentially a remixed version of the classic Missile Command arcade game).

And now there’s the launch trailer, which drops quite a few hints about the game’s story. We won’t insult your intelligence by describing literally everything that happens in what is essentially an advert, but there are appearances by what would seem to be Fallout 4’s principle NPCs, mentions of an organisation known as The Institute (possibly the game’s main adversaries?), and several references to (and one appearance of) “Synths”, android-like humanoid robots that seem to be several branches ahead of the usual crude Fallout robots on the tech tree.

Take a look for yourself, and look out for our full review of Fallout 4 ahead of its release on Tuesday.