Droplet is a tiny smart button that might finally get you to floss

Constantly forgetting mundane tasks? This little fellow is here to help

Remember when you promised yourself that you’d drink at least eight glasses of water a day, floss, and eat plenty of fruit and veg? Yeah, us too.

Thankfully a new Kickstarter project for a smart button called Droplet is here to give your willpower and memory a kick up the backside.

While you can already set an alarm reminder on your phone to feed your neighbour’s cat, it’s all too easy to dismiss it, promising yourself you’ll do it in five minutes.

Two hours later, poor Fluffles has chewed up an entire pouch of rabbit meat jelly, gulping down more plastic than actual meat, and you’ve earn yourself a few well-deserved scratches. You monster.

If you had instead stuck Droplet on the cat food cupboard however, then you’d have had to physically go over to it and press it before the reminder disappeared, ensuring that you a) remembered, and b) actually did it on time.

The Droplet app lets you keep track of every task you’ve completed, and you can even use it to keep tabs on other people’s activities.

Attach a Droplet to an elderly person’s pill box for example, and you can check to see if they’ve taken their pills remotely - as long as their Droplet is connected to a Wi-Fi Droplet hub, which is constantly plugged into their wall.

You can also use Droplet to auto-send text messages at the press of a button, and can tap it when you’re running low on toilet paper (or anything else for that matter), letting it re-order that for you in a similar way to Amazon's Dash Button.

The app can also let you configure automatic call, text and email reminders, and the Droplet’s battery should last more than a year, and is easily replaceable.

If you fancy nagging your way to a better you then you can pre-order the Droplet from US$40 on Kickstarter, for delivery in December.