Drool over lust worthy gadgets, wonder at unbreakable glass and gape at cars in Stuff India’s September issue!

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We've spent most of the month ooh-ing, aah-ing and seeking refuge in copious amounts of chocolate-chip-and-sea-salt cookies.

It's difficult not to after you've had a look at our cover story, The Lust List. There's a 100 things in there that'll evoke at least two or three of the seven deadly sins within you. Read and indulge - we're sure you'll find something you can own instantly (or simply call in for cookies).


But we did get to use some stuff in the flesh (and on it), like the Titan Juxt Pro - Titan’s second assault on the smartwatch market.

Also, gracing our garage were the BMW i8, the Mercedes SLC43 AMG and the Triumph Speed Triple ABS - beauties we simply couldn't keep our hands off.

This issue also saw us do some soul-searching, in different formats. One was a ride up the Himalayas - exciting yet calming, and simply breathtaking. The other was a pod that you float in, just like Eleven from Stranger Things - absolutely divine, otherworldly and safe. Take our word for it.

Bringing us back to Earth was wonderfully earthy tech like the Galaxy Note 7, the unbreakable Corning Gorilla Glass 5, the new budget warrior - the Redmi 3S Prime, and many others.

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