Drive!Drive!Drive! lets you play three cars at the Same!Same!Same! time

Multi-car mayhem on PS4 and Steam

What? Multiplayer racers have been around for ever.

You’re not getting it. In this game, one driver controls three different cars, on three different tracks… at the same time. You have to flip between them, actively controlling one for a while whilst letting the game’s AI look after the other two.

Thing is, the AI is not great at driving so in order to win, you have to effectively split up your driving time in order to achieve a decent cumulative result for all three.

It’s giving me a headache just thinking about it.

Sounds marvellous, doesn’t it? Adding to the mind-bending flip-floppage is the suicidal antics of the other cars, on-track obstacles, an intense electronic soundtrack and track design reminiscent of Mario Kart, Stunt Car Racer and WipeOut. Jumping over jumps, looping around loops and falling off the edge are the order of the day. Times three.


OK, if it’s a free app I’ll give it a go. 

Aw, flat tyre. It’s not a free app. 

Drive!Drive!Drive! is a proper game for PS4ers and Steamers, but it is in the almost-impulsive price zone of ₹1,664(₹565 on Steam). For that you get ten enviroments, 50+ tracks and the ability to play online against other tri-car channellers. Which must be even more bamboozling... Someone hit the fire alarm; we’re off home to fire up our PS4s!