Don’t know what to do this weekend? Try Cleartrip Activities

Over 2500 activities across India for the restless city dweller

Banish that feeling of being all dressed up with nowhere to go with Cleartrip’s curated Activities - with 2500 activities across 40 cities, you’re bound to find something fun.

It’s nice to find yourself up early on a weekend, giddy with the joy that comes from knowing you have 48 hours of complete freedom. But that’s when reality hits, and you discover there’s nothing interesting to do. Hang out at the mall? But you’re not a character from a Kevin Smith movie. Go out shopping? Nah, that’s why we have online stores. How about something more involving - Concerts? Plays? A Sushi-making class? So you log on to a dozen different sites figuring out if there’s anything you can do that isn’t expensive or boring. And then, after 2 hours of getting distracted by Reddit or Wikipedia, you give up and turn the telly on in a huff.

But the folks over at Cleartrip say that there’s no need to do that. Their mobile app now has a collection of over 2500 curated activities from 40 cities across India. A quick browse shows stuff like live escape games, golfing simulators, charcoal painting, candle-making lessons, heritage & photo walks, city tours, cooking lessons, cycling excursions and trips, day trips to nearby tourist hotspots and food trails. There’s also a bunch of adventure activities like rock climbing, hiking, and paragliding for the more outdoorsy sorts. And with prices starting as low as ₹200, your beer money’s safe and there’s no need to compromise on the Saturday night pub crawl.