Don’t expect to see Apple’s web TV service launched at WWDC

Reports say the planned video streaming service is coming – but may not be ready until 2016

Apple is planning to launch its own subscription-based TV streaming service to take on the likes of Now TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime – but it won’t be ready in time for this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference.

WWDC takes place next week, but according to a report by Recode, Apple won’t be shedding any light on its web TV offering, mainly because not enough deals are in place with content providers. Apple wants to differentiate itself from rivals by broadcasting local stations to cities all across the US. Competitors like Dish’s Sling can’t offer that. And until the deals are signed with local broadcasters and major networks alike, Apple is keeping its service under wraps.

CBS CEO Les Moonves has already confirmed that he has been speaking to Apple’s Eddie Cue regarding his network’s programming being carried on the service, and said that he would “probably” agree a deal in time. The sticking point, he intimated, was how much money Apple is willing to pay for CBS material. Some have suggested we won’t see any unveiling until later in 2015, or even until 2016.

Even if we don’t get our first look at Apple’s TV service at WWDC, there’s sure to be lots of other interesting stuff on show. Check out our preview for some predictions.

[Source: Recode]