Does Samsung have two smartwatches planned for IFA?

Gear S2 may be accompanied by a secret second wearable

We know that Samsung is going to launch its Gear S2 smartwatch at a pre-IFA event on 3rd September, but might there be another wrist wearable unveiled alongside it?

Dutch Samsung fan site GalaxyClub has published a story suggesting just that. Someone has grabbed a big old digital spade and dug into the Samsung website’s source code, uncovering mention of both the Gear S2 and the “Gear S2 Classic”.

What could it mean? Well, it could be simply that, as with previous smartwatches the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S2 Neo, Samsung will be releasing two variants of the same watch. The “Classic” nomenclature could refer to a higher quality build or a nicer strap (although the vanilla Gear S2 looks pretty premium as it is) rather than any kind of technical difference, or it could be a higher or lower specced variant. One distinct possibility is that one watch will have 4G LTE connectivity while the other one will rely on a smartphone for its data.

A theory we quite like (despite having no evidence to support it) is that the Gear S2 used Tizen while the Gear S2 Classic runs on Android Wear. We’re not holding our breath on that one, given Samsung’s apparent lack of interest in Google’s wearable platform, but you never know…

With Samsung’s Berlin event less than a couple of weeks away, the truth about the Gear S2 Classic will be revealed very soon. Stay tuned for more.

[Source: GalaxyClub via TechRadar]