Do not adjust your monitors: this really is Half-Life running on a smartwatch

Yes, this is actually happening

The Apple Watch might be regarded as the best smartwatch in the world, but can it run Half-Life? No. No it cannot.

One smartwatch that can however, is the original LG G Watch (and, presumably, any other square Android Wear device, for that matter).

Software tinkerer Dave Bennett is the fellow that's managed to squeeze Valve's legendary FPS into LG's wristputer, and he's managed to do so by installing SDLash3D - an open-source Valve game emulator - on to the G Watch itself.

The on-screen controls are impossible to use with any real accuracy, thanks to the screen's size. And yes, the framerate can wildly vary from anything to 2-60fps. And yes, it also sporadically crashes.

But the sound works smoothly and, you know what, it's Half-Life running on a freaking watch, and we couldn't be more impressed.

Bring on the Witcher 3, we say.

[via Engadget]