DIY Surround Video with 360Fly

Why be a fly on the wall when you can be a fly in the sky and shoot your own surround video?

Ever wondered when you’d get to put that Google Cardboard to good use without spending a bomb?

Well, there’s a cricket ball-sized and -shaped camera doing the rounds at the ongoing CES that might be the answer. The 360Fly is a tiny $499 (about ₹33,300) camera with a single 360deg eye. This means everything this f/2.5 aperture lens records (in 1504x1504/30fps), in any direction, is done so in one seamless shot. Yup, no stitching, which makes it ideal for creating your own VR content.

A full charge will have it running for two hours while you hop over puddles (it’s a thing now, isn’t it?), dive into lakes or explore volcanoes – it’s waterproof and can take on temperatures from -20deg to 40deg Celsius. There’s an accelerometer sensor for camera orientation, a built-in microphone, and a mount so you can wear it or attach it to your gear .

You don’t need to run home to transfer the two-hour footage onto your laptop. The 360Fly streams it to your smartphone via Bluetooth (it connects via Wi-Fi too) and the accompanying app allows you to edit and share on the go.

We think it’s brilliant for social-media show-offs like us.