Divoom has launched a portable speaker with LED lights stuffed in

The gadget nobody asked for can now be yours for cheap

It’s a Bluetooth speaker, it’s a clock, it’s a retro lamp, it’s a pixel-art palette... Divoom has a lot of adjectives for its latest offering, the Aurabox.

It is certainly a handsome device, all sharp lines and retro groovy lights. Switch it on in the living room and the ‘70s come back in full swing, complete with bell-bottoms and world peace, maaan. We got our grubby mitts on it and can confirm, Divoom was right. The Aurabox is all things advertised, but how good is this Jack of all trades?

Short answer? Not great. Let’s get this out of the way. The primary function of a fancy-shmancy Bluetooth speaker is to BE a good speaker. Ask JBL Pulse. Divoom apparently misplaced this memo. The speaker part of the Aurabox is disappointing. It has a non-existent bass and lacks the punch that most Bluetooth speakers pack nowadays. It was louder than our Macbook Air, but couldn’t come close to the quality of sound that a UE or a Bose or even a JBL offers. It isn’t abysmal, but this will not get the party started.

The USP of this little square box, though, is not the sound. The USP is the LED lights that cover one entire side of the speaker. What is displayed on this screen can be controlled via a button on top of the speaker that cycles through all the different modes or via the Divoom app for Android and iOS. What different modes, you ask? Well, you can have it display a standard clock, temperature, slow flashing lights, fast flashing lights and one crazy strobe-like mode that should not be played outside of a dubstep concert. Oh, and there is one ‘Design’ mode. The app lets you create a pixelated sketch that the speaker will then display. If you are feeling creative, it also lets you animate your shenanigans - draw eight frames and it will play them on the screen like the world’s shortest flipbook. We scrolled through the stock animations available on the app - hearts, countdowns, Captain America’s shield… It’s fun to play around with.

Gimmicky? A little. Interesting? Sure. This will make for a cool gift item, if nothing else, especially given its ₹3500 price tag. What are you complaining about? You get to play with lights and it’ll double as a speaker in times of (dire) need.