Disinfect your car, home or office with Killer 100

Spray on disinfectant

Designed and manufactured in Japan by Chilli International, the Killer 100 Blue Ray is a disinfection machine meant to fight not only COVID-19, but also other diseases and germs.

The Killer 100 is a mains-operated spray machine that holds a 280ml bottle attached to its belly. This bottle needs to be filled with disinfectant and all you need to do is spray a mist around, or over the area you need to disinfect. The machine is suitable for use on human skin when sprayed from a distance of at least 2-3 feet and can be used with a liquid disinfectant prescribed by a medical professional or doctor.

It operates on 1300W of power and requires a preheating time of 1 min before use. Priced at ₹6999, Chilli’s Killer 100 Blue Ray Disinfection machine is available on Flipkart and Amazon.