The devil wears e-paper

These smart heels could match everything from floral dresses to a snakeskin bags

“OK Google, remember that sweet houndstooth wallpaper in the bathroom of that Shoreditch Hotel I went to last Friday? Send it to my shoes”.

That, fashionable reader, is a glimpse into a future where we’re all walking around like a bunch of high-tech chameleons, blending into our surroundings at the touch of a button.

For now though, we’ll have to make do with pieces like the Volvorii Timeless smart shoes. Birthed by startup Ishuu Technologies, these clever pair of heels feature built-in e-paper panels and a hidden Bluetooth module, letting you push new patterns to it from your smartphone, whenever you fancy.

It’s similar to the LookSee e-paper bracelet that we wrapped around our wrists back in CES, and looks like a great way to match your wardrobe while you’re out and about.

The shoes have a rather vague battery life of between two to six months, and can be topped up via an included wireless charger.

Other shoe… specs, include EU sizes 36 - 41, and they apparently don’t weigh anymore than a regular pair of heels.

If you fancy slipping something more e-paper-ey onto your feet then you can help back its US$50,000 goal on Indiegogo right now, where they start at an early discount of US$150.

And if you’re a man? Have no fear! You can apparently earn a major deposit in the “Brownie Points Bank” by purchasing a pair as gifts for your significant other.

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