Devices of desire, cars worth envying and bikes that keep you fit - all in the Stuff India November issue

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This month, the tech junkies in us became environment junkies for a change.

We took a spin in and on some awesome electric and hybrid vehicles and trust us when we say this, our race would have a better chance at survival if only we adapt to alternative energy sources, hybrid vehicles and prep for a battery-powered future!

That aside, we also rode some luxurious guzzlers like the Audi and Jaguar. Blasphemous as it may be, we totally flipped over those too. The beautiful beasts are simply too hard to resist for our horsepower-driven souls. Catch our review of the two mean machines in the November issue.


Our cover story of the month takes you on a trip down memory lane - from the oldest video games you’ve ever played - to the highly advanced ones we spend sleepless nights with, here’s a cover story that teases and pleases many parts of your brain. Find satisfaction only known to a gaming addict.


This issue is also brimming with interesting camera tests, phones, laptops and TV reviews and more. Not to forget our Hot Stuff that we compile carefully so you don’t miss out on any of the latest launches of the month.

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