Destination Alexa for mastering English language

On your way to becoming an English Nerd…

While the lockdown has presented us with many opportunities – to learn new skills, to increase efficiency by working from home and working at home, taught us valuable lessons in time management, etc., some of us have had challenging moments where language has been a barrier.

Here’s a skill that proud Echo smart speaker owners can add to their kitty, irrespective of their age.

For the language challenged, it’s as simple as saying, “Alexa, I want to learn English,” and the Pearson MyPedia skill will do the needful without being too judgemental. From interactive learning to simple lessons in the language, Alexa is a patient teacher. So whether you’re a student or a sharp businessman with limited language skills, use the skill in the privacy of your home to achieve this greater goal.

MyPedia Reader is for learners to use as a story book and a guide to being more imaginative in their writing. Encouraging stories by educationists and celebrated authors are narrated through students’ perspective to make learning an easy experience.