DesignTech Systems Ltd launches a new-age 3D printer

Bling yourself out with jewellery in 3D

The jewellery industry is in for a revolution, and all you men out there, be thankful that Stuff India is predominantly a men’s magazine. If the women got to know what we were up to today, your pockets would be in trouble.

DesignTech Systems Ltd., in association with Solidscape Inc. is taking 3D printing to another level, where it aims to enable the jewellery industry to enable precision manufacturing of those oh-so-precious designs. Targeting high-end jewellery makers as their main target audience, reducing jewellery-making time is the main aspect that the Solidscape High Precision 3D Printers wish to achieve. The wax molds, made with laser precision will keep the craftsmanship intact. And surely so, if all those elaborate designs that would take weeks to get done manually were done with laser precision in 24 hours or less, jewellers as well as all of womanhood would make for very happy people.


But to our advantage, if your lady has something in mind, she wouldn’t have to wait endlessly for that masterpiece of a necklace to arrive before a big day and the men would have the advantage of giving her the best in the least possible time!

Available by appointment in Pune (price on request).