Dell’s new XPS 13 is a flipping great hybrid

Excellent Windows 10 ultrabook, meet excellent Windows 10 convertible

I thought CES was all about new tech. Haven’t we seen the XPS 13 before?

Yes, eagle-eyed ultrabook fan, we have - but not like this. See, Dell’s taken its super portable, super powerful laptop and bent it in half. Well, sort of: the American manufacturer has scooped up the best bits of the existing XPS 13, given them a boost and stuck them into a hybrid shell that’ll rotate, Yoga style.

So it’s the same, just flippable?

Not quite. Whilst the new model’s headline feature is its ability to do double duty as both laptop and tablet, it’s also had a host of hardware upgrades - including the option of a nifty fingerprint scanner for use with Windows Hello.

I had a hybrid before and it was woefully slow.

You’re probably thinking of a Prius. Thankfully, the convertible XPS 13 is far from lacking when it comes to power. As is often the case with Dell hardware, its internals can be customised - but, with a lineup including Kaby Lake i5 and i7 chips, and up to 16GB of RAM, any setup is sure to be speedy.

Won’t that hefty hinge make it a weighty workhorse?

Not if the carbon fibre and aluminium body has anything to say about it. Hitting the scales at 1.2kg, it’s not tablet-light but it’s hardly a rock, either - and it’s slimmer than a Surface Book, too, so it ought to slip nicely into your satchel. In fact, Dell reckons it's the smallest 2-in-1 laptop in the world.

Will it be good for watching Rick and Morty on the go?

Put it in tent mode and it should be, yes. There’s no 4K display, sadly, with the convertible XPS 13 retaining the Full HD and Quad HD+ resolution screens of the previous model - albeit, now touch-enabled. Dell also reckons it’ll do 15 hours on a single charge - doubtless helped by the fanless design - which should be enough to get you through a fair few episodes.

I’m tempted to sell my iPad Pro. How much would I need for one of these fancy flippers?

Announced at CES 2017, there’s no word on how many Indian rupees will the new XPS 13 will set you back, yet - though we know it starts at US$999 (which converts to around 68,000) in the States. Expect more information to arrive in a flip-book-jiffy.