Cortana for Android will play nice with the Xbox One

Like two peas in a pod

Microsoft has confirmed its clever voice assistant Cortana will make its way to Android in July and will serve “as a companion to Cortana on your Windows 10 PCs.” But it's worth noting it will be a beta version for testing.

The tech giant also said Cortana for Android will synchronise with the Xbox One. So if you’ve set a reminder on your Android phone, and then find yourself getting stuck into some Halo action later in the day, the reminder will ping up on your gaming screen. Basically, you’ll have no excuse when you forget to pick your little sister up from dance practice.

Microsoft also detailed the extent of features available with Cortana on the Xbox. You'll be able to send gaming clips to your friends, and use Cortana to choose the precise length.

An iOS version of the app is in the pipeline, but a release date for this has yet to be confirmed.

[Source: Microsoft via Techno Buffalo]