Confused about which cables to buy? Check out Ekbest

Yeah, there’s now no reason to get grey market Lightning or USB Type-C cables

Sick of ‘one-day-wonder’ cables that break the first time you plug ‘em in? Yet don’t want to splurge on expensive cables? Ekbest says it can help.

One of the dilemmas that accompanies a lust for new gadgets is what to do when you need new cables. And you will. You’ll either end up breaking old charging cables, or your forgetful pals will nick them. You can then either pick up shoddy grey market cables with a lifespan shorter than a Mumbai winter, or trust your cousin coming back from the US to pick the right ones.


Begone, cable woes

Those days are over. Ekbest has launched a new range of cables - there’s Lightning (hooray, no more ‘Apple tax’), USB Type-C, Micro-USB, and 3.5mm AUX. Prices start at ₹359 for the AUX cable, going up to ₹491 for the USB Type-C.

But Ekbest says it’s not just about the price. They’re promising a 99% copper construction and woven sheath for the USB Type-C, with the AUX cable using a right-angled jack (useful in your car) and spring-protection; they also subject their gear to some pretty rough testing (including swinging a phone by a cable). Interested? Head over to