Clever but creepy Acanvas puts living art on your walls

Art up your home with this smart frame and its freaky charging cord

So this is a digital picture frame?

Acanvas, yes.

OK… so a canvas.

No, Acanvas.

This could go on all day. Tell me more. Before I hit you with Acricketbat

OK, so Acanvas is the brainchild of ex-LG folks, who want to help you colour up your walls with things that are meaningful to you. Which in this case means anything from artwork by amazing new artists, through to an adorable selfie your kid just took (which totally shows they still had lunch in their mouth).

It’s already funded on Kickstarter, so we’re beyond "Will it? Won’t it?". You can snap one up for $399, and it’ll be with you buy Christmas.

How does it work?

It’s the usual thing, really. The device itself is a 23-inch full-HD display with an LED backlight and a 178-degree viewing angle. And the internal specs — 1GHz Cortex ARM9 processor; 1GB DDR3 RAM; 8GB of storage — ensure Acanvas will be more than capable of dealing with displaying images on your wall. It’s wireless, too. This means there’s no faffing about with SD cards, and you can beam new images to it from anywhere.

But haven’t we seen all this before? Why should I care?

Acanvas is very much designed to fit into your home. You can customise the thing, adding your own frame around the basic unit. Secondly, you can hang it up pretty much anywhere, thanks to its unique and clever self-charging solution, which has the added ‘benefit’ of looking a bit like some kind of creepy sexual alien come to suck out your brains.

Sorry… what?

The people who designed this thing decided cords were an eyesore and limitation, so they fitted Acanvas with an internal battery and a 3.3m power cord that creeps slowly down the wall and into a plugged-in charging dock below, or possibly into your brains while you’re not looking.

The downside is the Acanvas can only be used in portrait (the creators ambitiously suggest buying three if you want a landscape configuration), but it also means you can hang it anywhere, rather than right next to a power socket.

And do you know the best thing about Acanvas' super-creepy alien chargers?

Tell me.

They mostly come out at night.

That’s enough of that.


Stop it.