Citroën's Aircross Concept takes Cactus styling to even spikier levels

An SUV for fans of doolally French design and car cockpits complete with intercoms

That's certainly, erm, different. But what is it?

Citroën has taken the design language from its surprisingly popular C4 Cactus model and run wild. The Aircross Concept is a sneak peek at what a larger SUV version of the Cactus could look like should it make production. Oh, and it's bursting with bonkers tech.

Oh yeah, like what?

There are two 12-inch screens mounted on the dash, one that deals with all of the boring driver information and another that can be "transferred" to all occupants so they can enjoy selecting tunes or watching a film. On top of that, every seat is equipped with speakers and a microphone so occupants can communicate.

What's wrong with just talking to each other?

That's a very good point but Citroën claims this internal comms system allows passengers to chat to the driver or those in the front without disturbing someone sleeping in the back. Obviously the French marque hasn't quite grasped the concept of whispering yet.

What else can the interior screens be used for?

Two webcams are located either side of the cabin doorframes that allow those travelling on-board to take pictures of the outside world. Potentially awesome for capturing an escaped rhino that is terrorising the A36 just outside Longleat.

The car is also connected to the web, which means any images snapped can be used to gather information on local attractions and even provide navigation to something interesting you've spotted on the roadside.

That's bonkers but what makes the Aircross, you know, go?

Citroën's concept creation is a plug-in hybrid, which means it is powered by an electric motor that produces around 95bhp and a 1.6-litre petrol engine developing 218bhp. A special boost function gives the driver access to the full 313bhp experience, which results in a 0-100kmph sprint time of 4.5 seconds, yet CO2 emissions hover at a mere 39g/km.

Does it feature the crazy Airbump technology of the Cactus?

Oh yes it does but the Airbumps have mutated and spread to the alloy wheels. New fangled 'Alloy Bumps' are constructed from an aluminium honeycomb structure, which is then wrapped in hardwearing rubber and placed over the rims to absorb any nasty impacts from run-ins with inner-city kerbs.

How likely is it to go on sale?

With most other manufacturers, we'd be tempted to say 'never', but Citroën has a reputation for releasing cars that look almost identical to their concept counterparts of late. The Aircross will probably go on to influence a brace of new SUVs that will do battle with the likes of Nissan's Juke and Land Rover's Evoque. Just don't expect the runaway Rhino-snapping cameras to feature anytime soon.