Cinepolis brings 4DX to India

Making movies magical again, this new experience promises to immerse you into the action

It’s been around for awhile but it was the first time we had been invited to witness a ‘new way to watch movies’.

Mexican multiplex chain, Cinepolis has brought the 4DX technology to their screen complex at Thane’s Viviana Mall and Kingsman: The Secret Service was the movie being screened in 4DX. Although Cinepolis has 14 screens in this mall, ranging from Real 3D, IMAX, VIP, 4K projection and even a Dolby Atmos auditorium, the 4DX addition is the latest and rarest form. It is India’s first 4DX-equipped theatre, a system where the seats have a complex hydraulic motor system that digitally syncs to the on-screen action, giving you a whole new dimension in the movie-watching experience.


Sensory overload

A total of 108 seats are equipped with a special hydraulic system that syncs with the movie codes that come in from Korea. The seats can move on all 3 axis, supposedly adding more drama to the on-screen action. The 4DX experiences is heightened by additional sensory accompaniments like strobe light effects, footrest ticklers, wind machines and even smells. Thankfully, this particular auditorium doesn’t have the full-fledged version, so we couldn’t smell the sweat of the interns being trained for the secret service. You have to be careful of the beverage in your hand or the ice-cream close to your face because a sudden move by the actors on screen translates into a violent jolt through your body. It’s great for the first few minutes but can get tiresome if the coding is overzealous and even light camera movements are supplemented by a 4DX reaction.

Experiencing the magic

The seats themselves are comfortable and the sound and picture are as you would expect from a modern commercial theatre. A Dolby CP-750 surround processor, Barco 4K projector and Klipsch speakers complete the complement. Ultimately, your experience whether good or bad will be dependant on the 4DX element. More movies are being planned for release in this format, including some Hindi titles which we are not allowed to disclose just yet.

The Kingsman experience was a mixed bag and if your idea of a movie is two hours of relaxation, this might not catch your fancy. It’s almost like being in a rollercoaster, and being regularly thrown about is a great gimmick, but more suited to a younger demographic.