CES 2015: Misfit Bolt lightbulb will shine every colour under the sun

Turn your bedroom blue, your living room lilac or your kitchen khaki, thanks to Misfit's new smart bulb
CES 2015: Misfit Bolt lightbulb will shine every colour under the sun

Smart lighting just got smarter, cheaper and simpler thanks to the Misfit Bolt.

The Bolt, announced at CES today, sees the wearable tech company moving firmly into the smart home market. And at first glance it looks like it'll fit in nicely.

For starters, it'll be available for just US$50. While the rival Philips Hue Bulbs can be bought for pretty much the same price, they also require a hub, driving the overall package price up a bit. The Bolt, however, will work as a standalone product with no other kit needed other than a smartphone or tablet to control it.

Like other smart bulbs it can display millions of colours, and it's also able to "create beautiful lightscapes from premade scenes or scenes based on photos [you] choose. If you've already bought into Misfit's wearable ecosystem, the Bolt can be connected to the Beddit sleep monitors and Flash and Shine trackers to wake you with a sunrise simulation.

The Bolt is made from a glass dome and uses a proprietary light-diffusion coating, giving it a wide-angle light dispersion and aluminium for the body, which doubles as a heat sink. Its default colour is white, which Misfit says is bright enough for everyday use. 

You'll be able to control it via the Misfit Home app for iOS and Android, or via Logitech's Harmony Home remote and app.

The Misfit Bolt is available to pre-order now from Misfit.com for US$50.