Catch up with the day’s news on the Khabri app

Download the news at home and play it back during your commute. Easy, isn’t it?

Work, Netflix, sleep, beer. That’s pretty much how we spend our days. Doesn’t leave much time to catch up with what’s happening in the world, does it?

But if you really must know what’s going on, install Khabri (and put all that time stuck in traffic to some good use).


Finally, a good way to put some of that time you spend commuting to some good use.

Yes, we know you love music, but you don’t want to be completely out of tune with what’s happening around you, do you?

Get Khabri and you won’t have to grab the morning newspaper out of your pet dog’s jaws (or neighbour’s doorstep).


This Android app offers news summaries on a wide variety of topics. Just choose what interests you, and the app will download the news before you get in your car. And that’s it, all you gotta do is hook up your phone to your car’s stereo and you’ll be getting the inside scoop on cricket, politics (or whatever else grabs your fancy) even as you honk your way through a sea of cars.

Short n’ sweet audio summaries - a minute long - that get you all the info (and none of the ranting and raving you see on TV news channels).

To the point. Just what a busy go-getter needs, isn’t it?