Rolls Royce wants to get you drunk. On luxury!

If you’ve been basking in the glory of your new uber-luxo-barge, you might want to take the exit on your right because this gives a whole new meaning to exclusivity.

A limited edition batch of only fifteen cocktail hampers is being offered by Rolls Royce to its patrons who demand the very best in mobile indulgences. Designed by RR accessories designer Sina Maria Eggl in consultation with Dorchester Collection’s London Hotels, the hamper is a smorgasbord of appointments for any and every cocktail a filthy-rich bartenders imagination can stir up.

Handmade for royalty

It takes up to eight weeks to put one together from high-grade materials that match the interior quality of a Rolls Royce motor car. American Walnut Wood and Natural Grain Leather share space with polished aluminium to create a look that meets the expectations of the discerning patrons.

Two dishes find their place in the lower portion of the Hamper, either side of an ice bucket, whilst discreet drawers hold recipe cards and fine cotton napkins. The upper tier of the Hamper, containing tumblers, decanters and a shaker, is adorned in a Golden Sand coloured leather. “Smaller utensils including a muddler finished in American Walnut and a strainer engraved with the ‘RR’ monogram are securely stored on a specially developed moveable rack that can be locked when not in use and moved via a hinge to ensure effortless access when required.”, says the press release and we wouldn’t argue looking at these pictures.

Rarer than one

The glasses by Theresienthal are made the old-fashioned way, taking a month to make by blowing into beech wood moulds and as per Rolls Royce’s standards, no two pieces are ever alike, heightening the exclusive experience. To round off the mood, a glass tray, discreetly and safely housed beneath the integrated wooden chopping board, ensures drinks are presented to guests in appropriate Rolls-Royce luxury. As a finishing touch, a book containing a series of cocktail recipes inspired by the marque’s extraordinary heritage completes the set.

If you have change left after buying that Ghost, this may well be the ultimate Rolls Royce accessory for awhile.