Canon’s EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR goes heavy on new features

4K image extraction and Dual Pixel RAW shooting seem like stuff we could all do with

DSLRs might offer the best image quality, but as far as convenience (and fancy features) are concerned, smartphones and mirrorless cameras have beaten them to the punch. But Canon’s newest pro DSLR might have the right stuff to endear it even to the hashtag generation.

Canon’s EOS 5D series has garnered plenty of accolades over the years thanks to its blend of features and sensible pricing. But now there’s a new model out - the 5D Mark IV - and it’s now been launched in India.

Gets the basics right

The EOS 5D Mark IV uses a Full Frame sensor with 61-point AF, and can shoot 4K video at 30fps and stills at 7fps, which should help it appeal to nature and action photogs. Other specs you might care about are the ISO 100 - ISO 32000 range, up to 1/8000s shutter speeds, and a capacitive touchscreen at the back. There’s more neat stuff that should boost usability: flicker detection (yeah, fluorescent lights are really annoying), Wi-Fi, NFC pairing, wireless printing and smartphone-based control and viewing.

Want some more #coolstuff?

Till recently, the average DSLR user used to fall into two camps - hard-bitten sorts who felt at home only in the middle of a warzone, and the Oakley-wearing chaps who were just as famous as the celebrities (or endangered animals, take your pick) they worked with.

But with a lot more people taking up photography not just as a hobby but as a part-time career, DSLR makers needed to innovate. After all, if you’re used to hashtagging every single thing that passes before your eyes, and your best friend is a smartphone that could make a retired supercomputer blush, you need more than just stellar image quality. You want features and you want ‘em now.

The 5D Mark IV delivers on that front. Leading the "Cool, isn’t it?" pack has to be the 4K image extraction feature (something quite popular these days with camera makers), which lets you pick out 8MP photos from your video footage. It should be pretty handy in getting Pulitzer-winning images from your documentary-shooting trip to any nation on a security advisory list, but it’s got another use less likely to void your life insurance - getting crisp snaps of frisky pets and hyperactive kids. Or even candid shots at a wedding.

Next up on our "Cool stuff, bro" list is Dual Pixel RAW, which captures extra information that comes in handy when you’re editing your pics back at base camp. Want to shift focus from a majestic tiger’s eyes to its claws? Go on, make your day. Move blur for a more arty photo of a fashion model? Of course.

Keen on bumping up your wedding photographer cred? Grow a proper hipster beard, get some linen shirts, pick an ironic name for your venture and then gather up ₹2,54,995 to get the EOS Mark IV body. Alternatively, pick up one of the two lens kits on offer: you'll get the body with an EF 24-105 IS II USM lens for ₹3,24,995, or with a 24-70 IS USM lens for ₹3,06,995.