Bumble’s new features might give you the safest dates ever

And more dates than ever as well!

Since we are living in the dystopian future that we thought (rather naively) was only possible in the movies or TV shows, and meeting new and interesting people has genuinely become dangerous (I mean, apart from the usual dangers of them being serial killers, or worse-- boring), dating apps are out to make this predicament easier and safer.

Bumble has been especially creative with their new features to tackle these unfortunate circumstances. Users can now swipe on other users from the entire country rather than just the maximum 160km radius that it used to be. And it makes sense considering the fact that in the days of social distancing, physical distance does not really play that big of a role anymore ‘coz you can’t meet them anyways.

What’s more, Bumble has also introduced a “Virtual Dating” badge that will appear in the profiles of users, which basically indicates that the user is open to a virtual date via video chatting. 

Now, we realise these measures may not be the best when it comes to dating in the traditional and biblical sense, but these might very well be the safest dates you ever go on!