Build your own Bose speaker!

The research-led speaker brand has launched a kit that lets the musically inclined build their own Bluetooth speaker

Build by Bose

Back in the ’80s, it used to be cool and geeky to build your own amplifiers after poring over the circuit diagrams and schematics for hours. But in the age of Snapchat and FaceTime, kids can’t be bothered with spending sleepless nights on building their own hi-fi kits.

Bose, renowned for making headphones and speakers, is actually at its best while doing research to make the (aural) world a better place to live in - just ask anyone who uses their noise-cancelling headsets. So, to get kids hooked to physics and, more specifically, how sound is created, Bose recently announced its Build program.

The Build program lets you  make a speaker that is entirely kit-based from all the parts included in a box. Children aged 8 or older can follow a step-by-step process outlined on the complementary iOS app to build their own Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

Built for all ages

Bose has taken particular care to manufacture the parts so that they are easily recognisable by kids and even the circuits are marked to denote the different boards such as the DSP, amplifier, Bluetooth and control.

You can even change the in-built LED colours and set up the lights to flash in sync with the music. The entire casing is locked by plastic snap-on clips and Bose says it will make different coloured panels available if you wish. The process of building this speaker follows the principles of electromagnets, magnets, frequency and waveforms, and how speakers and sound work - which is sure to be educational for kids of all ages and even their parents.

Built to last

Currently, the Bose Build speaker is being sold only in the US at $149 (about 10,000). It isn’t yet certified to be sold in India, but if the DIY-er in you knows no bounds, a helpful visiting relative can certainly be of assistance.

Bose also provides a 2-year warranty on the product since they claim that once constructed, this will sound as good as any Bose Bluetooth speaker of similar size. Compatible with either a 3.5mm plug or Bluetooth, the almost-5in cube weighs less than a kilo, but is sure to spark the young minds of future acousticians.