Bring spring to your sprint

Nike's new running tights are hot for all the right reasons

What’s in a name? That which we call yoga pants, by any other name would smell as sweat, right? Wrong. Not if they’re these new running tights from Nike.

Okay, enough prose. Shakespeare’s probably turning in his grave and you’re squirming in discomfort, so we’ll get straight to the technical stuff.

The technical stuff

Nike’s new running tights, the Nike Power Speed for men and women, are designed to support specific mobility, regulate body temperature and adapt to moisture-management requirements inherent to running and training. Using top sprinter English Gardner’s insights as a starting point, Nike crafted tights to aid the linear motion of running and the muscles it engages.

The slim cut incorporates a lightweight, high-elastane Dri-FIT fabric that has ample stretch and retraction to adapt to your stride – notably, enhanced compression along the hip, thigh, calf and Achilles tendon to boost muscle control. This helps keep you stabilised, while giving you enough free flow of movement to exert power. These zones are accentuated by striking graphic lines that visually enhance your natural form as you run, so you can strive to look like a cheetah in motion.

The regular stuff

That’s not all. There’s an encased draw cord at the waist for a proper fit, reflective details for low-light conditions and bonded ankle zips for easy on and off, okay. A vapor-lined pocket for phones or keys sits on the back hip for men and at the centre back for women. Priced from ₹6495, these are the sportiest-looking yoga pants we’ve come across yet. Go forth, don one and streak the town, you cheetah!