Breitling’s Colt Skyracer will inspire you to work harder in order to afford this latest timepiece

Masterpiece for your wrist

Quality comes with a dash of vanity too, and if you’re a luxury watch-lover, you’ll want to add this one to the collection too!

A very powerful relationship with the aviation industry would easily explain the special love Breitling has for aviation and marine watch designs. Both industries are known for precision and a brilliant aesthetic and Breitling suits these needs like none other.

The high-performance Colt Skyracer isn’t meant for the faint-hearted. It’s designed for the thrill-seeker, the adventure lover and the adrenaline junkie. An instrument for professionals, this is the right watch for you if you swear by military timing and respect the precision it lends itself.

The technical details of this stunning piece would only make sense to you once you move past its external beauty. The makers claim that its thermocompensated SuperQuartz movement is ten times more accurate than the standard quartz and the chronometer is certified by COSC, which for watch-makers is like a board exam. When it comes to the accuracy and precision of wristwatches in Switzerland, that’s the test the watchmaker must pass!

As all things luxury, this black beauty is priced at a couple hundred of those recently acquired pink notes and can be purchased from Breitling's authorised dealers.