Bowers & Wilkins launch three new products for audiophiles on-the-go

Bach or Beyonce, the portable B&Ws promise to belt it out right.

British hi-fi royalty, B&W have moved beyond your den and desks. 

They’re now about to take over your heads and handbags. After making a success story of their first-generation on-ear headphones, they’re ready to move on to the second gen with the launch of the P5 Series 2 on-ears and C5 Series 2 in-ears. Both the models are available today with price tags of 23,500 and 15,499 respectively. As expected, premium quality components are used all around. The P5 in particular called for the development of a whole new kind of acoustically transparent fabric that would match the requirements of comfort and clarity set by B&W’s engineers. Its new drivers are enclosed in a cocoon of solid metal and real leather, adding to the sense of occasion. 

The C5 sees improvement in small-scale driver design along with new internal components aimed at offering a more refined and accurate sound. It may look the same as its predecessor but B&W assures us that it’s a much better sound package now. 

Goodbye AirPlay, Hello Bluetooth!

In a first of sorts, B&W has take a slight departure from its association with Apple AirPlay and featured Bluetooth connectivity on its brand new T7 portable speaker. Its Micro Matrix construction technology suspends the drivers in the centre of the enclosure while providing all the rigidity (and intrigue) to the minimalist cabinet. Resembling a honeycomb structure, this is a miniaturisation of technology at its best, inspired by B&W’s more expensive Matrix cabinet technology used in its high-end home audio speakers. The T7 will be priced at 29,900 and is available across premium accessory and select Apple outlets across India starting today.