Bored of your email app? Check out the new Yahoo Mail

Includes support for Gmail and other email / cloud services

And plenty more new features to tempt you back to world of Yahoo.

We’ve all, at some point or the other, had a Yahoo Mail account. Of course, everyone’s pretty much shifted over to Gmail over the past few years, but that’s no reason to ignore one of the pioneers of our digital age. And Yahoo’s really sweetened the deal by revamping its smartphone app to add support for other email services.

That’s right, you don’t have to use your college-era Yahoo account (RIP, cooldude420) or even sign up for a new account. Install the app on iOS or Android, and you can also check your Gmail and Outlook email.

But that’s just part of what makes the Yahoo Mail app stand out. It’s got loads new features for the power user - customisable swipe gestures, 1TB of free cloud space, support for Dropbox and Google Drive, customisable, contact-specific notifications, themes, animations and ‘stationery’...