Bookworms Ahoy! Kindle goes biracial

Amazon launches a white variant; Gandalf the White lights dragon-cracker in appreciation

Remember Kindle? Amazon’s boon for book-lovers, especially the ones who liked reading on the move?

The affordably priced, handy, ebook reader that boasted impressive features like glare-free touch-screen that offered a reading experience similar to paper? No? Well, tough beans matey! You obviously need to crawl out from under the rock you’ve been camping under, pick up a book or two. Meanwhile, bibliophiles will agree that they share some similar traits with a pack rat i.e a hoarder or a person who’s unable to discard things. Except in this case, we’re talking books. The struggle of lugging even one book around to get some reading done on-the-go is by no means funny to a connoisseur of the written word. The less we speak about the travails of the masochistic breed of book-addicts that can’t do without a few books at a time, the better.

The new light skinned Kindle not only offers glare-free and printed-page kind of reading experience, but also boasts of a host of features that definitely makes physically carrying books obsolete and downright neanderthal. Store thousands of books, adjust text size for suitable reading, and sync with Goodreads, X-Ray, Whispersync to access a vast selection of books for your on-the-spot/go perusal. Yes it has Wi-Fi, duh. With its apt form factor, portable size and a battery-life that is measured in weeks, the very popular Kindle is recognised by its usual black finish. The new Kindle White, launched by Amazon for the same price of ₹5999 should definitely pique the interests of those still considering on jumping on the Kindle bandwagon.