Bloodborne expansion and new Resident Evil lead PlayStation's Tokyo Game Show reveals

Also another Kingdom Hearts collection, Gravity Rush remaster and sequel, and more

The annual Tokyo Game Show is getting underway this week, and we've already heard about Sony's revised PlayStation 4 model and the new name for Project Morpheus: PlayStation VR. But several games were also announced overnight, as well.

And it's an expansion that leads our most wanted list from Sony's press conference, as this year's brilliant Bloodborne is about to receive an add-on called The Old Hunters. It's releasing on 24 November and it'll include new stages, outfits, weapons, magic, and narrative content. A retail disc with Bloodborne and the expansion is also releasing in Japan, but it doesn't sound like it's launching elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Capcom took the stage to announce Umbrella Corps, a Resident Evil-based team multiplayer shooter with third-person and first-person elements, as well as melee combat. It's for both PS4 and PC. 2012's Operation Raccoon City was a mess, so the idea of the survival horror series amping up the action again doesn't inspire too much confidence.

Speaking of franchises that have lost their way a bit: Square Enix revealed Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, which features a new episode called Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Package that ties into the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3.

Since the last core game, the publisher has seemingly done its best to turn the Disney-meets-Final Fantasy role-player into a tangled, nearly impenetrable mess of side stories and revisions. The package (coming in 2016) also includes a PlayStation 4 remake of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, along with Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover, a movie tie-in. Does all of that make sense? Maybe? Here's hoping Kingdom Hearts 3 refocuses the series and makes it a lot easier to follow.

Also, one of the Vita's top original games is coming to PlayStation 4 with Gravity Rush Remastered. The gorgeous, dizzying action game will hit PS4 on 10 February, and then a proper sequel will also follow sometime thereafter - but only for PS4 this time around.

Several other games were announced or shown, as well, including the new Everybody's Golf for PS4, Koei Tecmo's action game Ni-Oh (based on an unfinished Akira Kurosawa script), and Square Enix's Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness for PS3/PS4 and SaGa Scarlet Grace for Vita. Not all of these games will necessarily leave Japan when they're eventually released, but we ought to see the bulk of them over the next year or two.

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