Blaze bot gives you a newsfeed in Facebook Messenger

Your ticket down a rabbithole of what’s been happening?

Do more than just having “We should meet soon” conversations with friends you haven’t seen in a decade.

But you already knew that - online retailers to travel sites, everyone’s getting in on the bot bandwagon. And it makes good sense. After all, if done right, chatbots can present a more ’natural’ experience than a slow-loading webpage with a zillion drop-down menus and forms.

But now, Blaze has decided to create a new bot that serves up trending news. This offering from the chaps at InstantTV has already been on Telegram for quite some time, and they’ve now ported it to the Facebook Messenger platform.

So what’s the big deal? Well, think of it as a light, bite-sized version of a rabbithole. Except that instead of discovering the secrets to the Matrix, you catch up with news topics that you care about. Click on stuff you like, feed it topics, check out related news, and even check out trending videos. Of course, we have to admit Blaze - like most other bots -  still feels more like a work-in-progress, but hey, it’s a fun way of dealing with slow-day-at-work boredom.