Birthday bumps for Nike Training Club

NTC gets its training buddies to join the party!

Birthdays are special and we joined in the celebrations by pumping up the jam as Nike Training Club turned one.

With a series of activities for training enthusiasts to get together to mark the day with their sweat, enthusiasm and a whole lot of team-building exercises that NTC stands for, this was a first birthday celebration of a very different sort. Sparing us a screaming match here, the babies of NTC were all excited about turning one, their shared grit to get fit was for all to see.

While this wasn’t Rocky Balboa’s playground, the mix of activities that included a bit of running, strength and endurance activities and a tug-of-war did make us feel pretty bad-ass after all the sweat-fest with our new training buddies. Nike has its intentions in place to give a platform to all those with a shared love of fitness and take ‘work’ out of workout.

If fitness goals are what you live for, we suggest you take this love a step ahead and download the NTC app, which is available on Android and iOS devices. Even beginners can join this fitness revolution of sorts and benefit from a variety of intensity levels and workouts on the platter.

Train the Air Zoom Strong way

Walk into a gym any time of the day or night and you’re sure to see more women than you ever did before. The days of woman power are officially here and they take this ‘power’ seriously. Two months ago there was a specialised running shoe for women, now a workout shoe designed for the ladies in the house! They’re reaching places, aren’t they? Adjustable straps, Zoom Air cushioning in the heel to allow that extra bounce, ankle stability in place for ₹9,995 - the ladies have every reason to pack those fancy gym bags and get straight to some hardcore training action.

Feel free with the Flyknit

If there’s one thing all fitness enthusiasts have in common, it’s their love for running. We wish there were no job in the world better than sweating it out on a treadmill or blowing off some steam on a sidewalk, promenade or your neighbourhood garden - if anyone knows of a better way to get that adrenaline up, we’re all ears. The newest addition to Nike’s Free collection, the RN Flyknit is here to take running to another zone of comfort. The snug shoe is designed to give the wearer comfort and flexibility that running actually needs to forget that you have any shoes on in the first place. Lighten your pockets by 10,995, strap on the armband, put some tunes and jog on with this good lookin’ mate of yours…

Feet on with the Free RN Flyknit

Nike's Flyknit tech has been constantly evolving and it really shows in the Free RN Flyknit. It's a bit of Nike magic mixed with all the integrated elements that make all the difference. Just putting on the pair makes the message clear that it's meant to be an extension of your foot. At 225g, it's shed the pounds and continues to deliver that sock-like feel. Every stride is evenly damped by the midsole that expands in 360 degrees via the tri-star pattern. The heel is nicely rounded too, to give it the natural feel of your foot. Wear it over extended periods, and the fit and support remains intact due to the Flywire cables running running right throught the woven single seam Flyknit upper. All in all, an impressive feat achieved yet again and one that runners all around can truly appreciate.