BINGO V200 VR Box puts the Virtual Reality experience in focus

India isn’t far behind in manufacturing tech bits

There used to be a time, Indian mothers wouldn’t allow their kids to watch TV from too close because it damages the eyes. All that has changed since movie viewing and gaming is big with most smartphone users.

So technology stepped in to ensure that even this experience is enhanced by bringing the visuals up, close and personal. Bingo’s newest offering in the Virtual Reality segment, the V-200 VR Box shall put your mommy’s previous concerns to rest as it claims to have a high transmittance coating that reduces glare and adjusts brightness to suit the up-close and personal feel that VR is synonymous with.

Virtual Reality promises the viewer a personal experience, and this lightweight device offers just that. Its 360° viewing field sure comes as a delight for all movie buffs and gamers out there. You’d think an Indian manufacturer for VR may not have got it right, but you’re in for a surprise. The VR-200 allows you everything a similar product in the segment would. There’s an adjustable pupil distance mechanism that reduces fatigue while watching.

Get your dose of VR on amazon because happiness comes at an affordable price of 649. After all, who doesn’t like some uninterrupted viewing time?