Beyond: Two Souls out next week on PS4, with Heavy Rain in March

Quantic Dream's narrative-focussed PS3 ports are incoming

Last month, Sony and Quantic Dream announced Detroit: Become Human, the first proper PlayStation 4 game from the French studio - but the developer's last two games will be available on the console well before that one ships.

Quantic Dream just revealed on the PlayStation.Blog that Beyond: Two Souls will release digitally next week. It received very mixed reviews upon release in 2013, with critics praising the performances from Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, as well as the overall presentation. However, the plot was widely panned, and the mix of stealth and quick-time events wasn't well praised by players.

That said, Quantic Dream has a number of enhancements in store for the PS4 release. Besides the enhanced graphics, the game will also highlight your choices after each scene and show how yours compared with others (like Telltale's games do at the end of episodes).

It also promises improved controls and balancing, bundled DLC, and the ability to replay the game in chronological order, which fans wanted the last time around. 

Meanwhile, noir thriller Heavy Rain - which received a much more positive reception when it debuted in 2010 - will follow in March 2016, also with a digital release. No word yet on what's been changed or enhanced for the PS4 version, but we'll probably see the DLC prequel episode bundled in.

And if you buy Beyond on the PlayStation Store, you can get a discount on Heavy Rain when it releases. Sony will launch a physical collection of Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain in March, as well, for anyone who wants a box on the shelf.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]