The best April Fools' 2016 tech gags!

Careful, the internet is treacherous today

It's that time of the year again! No, not Christmas, it's something better.

On 1st April every year, tech companies across the World Wide Web go crazy with their made-up innovations, and why should this year be any different? Don't worry though, our naive friend, we are here to hold your hand. Let us navigate you through these treacherous waters with seven of our favorite gags yet:

Google Express

One-day delivery not quick enough for you? Hold on to your hats, Amazon and Flipkart, Google is here with Google Express.

The clincher? One day delivery! With… parachutes. Go ahead, order here and let us know how it goes.

OLA Rooms

At just ₹249, you can now book a room for yourself, no matter where you are. Fire up your OLA app and you'll see an option for Rooms right alongside the cab options. Book a room just like you book a cab and that's it. Nothing more to it. A luxurious room will be driven up to where you are so you can rest or... do other things.

Not our business. 

Gmail Mic Drop

Compose a mail in Gmail on your computer. Ah, what’s that now, next to 'Send'? That is the Gmail Mic Drop button. It sends the mail, archives the conversation and adds a GIF of a minion dropping the mic so the sender knows the conversation is over and you mean business. Badass. Use with caution though.

YouTube SnoopaVision

What's better than 360º videos in VR? 360º videos in VR with Snoop Dogg, of course. That is SnoopaVision. The whole of YouTube, now with Snoop. 


Sony Proton Pack

Sick of the spirits in your 100-year-old mansion? Sony is here with the world’s first ghost-catching device. The Proton Pack™ “integrates the same super-slow motion capture capability as Sony’s Cyber-shot RX series premium compact cameras, allowing users to capture the matter in 960 frames-per-second high frame rates and accurately record the movement of its target. Its embedded Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector allows users to view captured matter in real time.”

Who you gonna call? SONY GHOSTBUSTERS!

Zumba Roomba

Nobody likes cleaning. Last month, we reviewed the very impressive Roomba 886 to avoid cleaning the house ourselves. But it's time for a reality check, the Roomba can just clean the floors, you still have to do the other stuff. What a drag, right? Not anymore! Say hello to ZUMBA ROOMBA! It's a custom-built Roomba which will be pumping out beats so you can shake your ass while shaking the dust off those fans. 


Yes, you read that that right. The world's favorite porn site got a lovely little makeover overnight. For ths first time in history, is VERY SFW (Safe For Work).

The site has corn everywhere. Corn. Absolutely delightful.