BenQ’s quick on the draw with its new gaming monitors

144Hz refresh, specialised game modes and QHD resolution should entice the gaming addict

Got your mad gaming rig sorted with the fiercest graphics card and CPU money can buy? BenQ thinks you need a gaming monitor to make the most of it

Up first is the XL2430T. As you’d expect from a ‘gaming’ monitor, it’s got a 1920x1080 resolution, 1ms response time and a 144Hz refresh rate, making it perfect for twitchy-fingered FPS addicts. Other buzzword-laden tech you get is Dynamic Black eQualizer, which makes sure you get plenty of contrast and can yet spot your rotten opponents hiding in some nook; Motion Blur Reduction for crisp action; a 20-level vibrance tuner and special game modes – with an all-new MOBA setting. This 24in, widescreen monitor will retail for 36,000.

But if you’re so demanding that the XL2430T won’t do, BenQ has another new monitor – the XL2730Z. As the name indicates, it’s a 27in behemoth. But there’s more – this, dear gamers, is a QHD monitor, offering resolutions up to 2550x1440. It’s got all the fancy stuff its cheaper sibling packs, but it adds its own icing on the framerate cake –  AMD FreeSync compatibility. The XL2730Z will retail for 50,000. Both monitors will be available offline as well as online, and the first 100 buyers get some tasty freebies worth 8000: a Steelseries Fnatic Rival mouse, along with a Steelseries QCK+ Fnatic Asphalt Edition mouse pad.