BenQ launches a 4K treat for our eyes

Flagship native-4K projector promises resolution and sharpness in spades

Contrary to popular belief, your eyes CAN see the UHD difference

That’s why, BenQ stresses on the fact that their newest projector is “native” 4K resolution and not a mere upscaling project undertaken to sell more of the usual Full-HD models. The W11000 has long been in the works but as BenQ claims, it didn’t want to jump on to the Ultra HD bandwagon without a worthy product and here it is.

Ushered into the elite PVR Director’s Cut in the capital’s popular Vasant Kunj area, it was evident that BenQ was proud of its Consumer Technology Associations approval for this projector that ensures true 8.3million pixels of resolution, THX Certification, 2.35:1 anamorphic aspect ration, ISFccc calibration ready, 50,000:1 contrast ratio and CineMaster image processing.



It isn’t a 3D enabled model but instead, the single-chip DLP projector focuses on getting you the best possible 2D image with the smoothest motion you will see in your home theatre. The resolution of 3840x2160 pixels is further enhanced by the film-like smoothness of 60Hz that in the demo, seemed to make a bigger impact on the immersiveness than the actual resolution itself.

There’s enough flexibility options when it comes to custom installations too, including a horizontal/vertical lens shift and 1.5x zoom capability for every size of room and throw ratio you can imagine.


While the W11000 supports the REC709 colour space, if you want full DCI compliance and an even more advanced lamp, the X12000 (5,99,000) offers digital cinema compatibility for an all-out assault on the senses. BenQ has priced the W11000 very competitively at 3,99,000 and for that price, it may well be the most affordable native 4K projector in the market.

For the price of a large screen telly, you can now have a screen size of up to 300in right in your living room, if your room can support it!