Be Water, Women! AquaCentric says so...

And not just because Bruce Lee said it either, here’s a few actual reasons

When it comes to women and taking care of their health, the focus has always been on weight loss unfortunately.

But what if you’re looking to get back in shape after pregnancy, or lower the chances of something serious like osteoporosis?

What if you want to target certain hormones through exercise (did you know you could do that) or regulate breathing patterns to achieve focused wellness?

Aquatic Therapy! It delivers a fast and more efficacious recovery compared to conventional physiotherapy.

Why do you need it?  -- Since the weight of your body in water is approximately 1/10th of that on land, exercising in water is easier (wink, wink). Moreover, warm water helps you relax by increasing blood supply to sore and tight muscles, thereby decreasing pain.

1) Sitting is the new smoking! (Not even kidding!)

Sitting at your desk for hours at a stretch is as harmful as smoking a pack of cigarettes. With ailments that include lower back pain, tailbone pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, today’s desk jobs can cause tomorrow’s debilitating problems. And that’s where we need to resort to some ancient knowledge.

AquaCentric uses two ancient Japanese therapies in aquatic therapy, to help with muscle relaxation, stress relief and circulation. WATSU (Water Shiatsu) – a passive relaxation therapy and Ai-Chi – an active relaxation therapy. These can make you fall asleep in peace like a baby.


Argh, pre and post-menopausal problems can be as painful and debilitating as pregnancy and cramps. Aquatic therapy uses properties of water such as buoyancy and pressure which help while exercising and make workouts easier and more effective.

3) The Baby Labour

If you’re on the look for pre and post-natal care, AquaCentric does that too! The most common pregnancy symptoms, such as fatigue and body aches, can be managed with aquatic therapy. Exercising in water can be a fun, low impact way to restart exercise in the postnatal period. You can work both on strength and cardio fitness without putting excessive strain through your joints.

The mental benefits are also plenty, with many women reporting that hydrotherapy helped combat baby blues and reduce stress, as well as lose excess weight. There’s really no excuse to not give postnatal aquatic exercise a go. Oh and you don’t even need to be able to swim!

4) Have you ever worked out underwater?

Aqua workouts are a mix of strength, cardio, high intensity interval training, Pilates and kickboxing (a ‘man’ tried this, and I was spent!). The resistance in water helps build endurance, muscle strength all while you keep your joints intact. The 45 minute workout causes a lot of sweat and fat loss (subject to nutrition and person’s weight, ahem).

Oh and AquaCentric requires you to chill and come for therapy in a simple t-shirt and leggings. Check them out here.