Bang & Olufsen makes us hear the sound of understated luxury

Mumbai welcomes the Scandinavian sound brand

Imagine a concept home of the not-so-distant future, with all things fancy and automatic.

Pre-fed instructions and voice-controls to make your existence smooth and much, much more… Cut to present. Bang & Olufsen brings part of the future into your living rooms! Read on...  


8200 watts of raw, yet refined sonic power!

That, from each speaker! We kid you not. Put the two together and you have a sound system so refined and heavy-duty (literally so. It weighs 137 kilos!), you’d know why we insist this isn’t for the faint-hearted. The bass in all its glory is earth-shatteringly good. So much so that even as the special edition scotch rests comfortably in your precious bar, you’d get high just on the sound. Cherry on this cake is the fact that mister smarty speaker has sensors that adjust automatically to its surroundings and the position of the listener. For a speaker this smart, a price of 75 lacs isn’t too high, given it’s in the premiere sound league.

Touted as the most advanced speaker in the world, the Bang & Olufsen 90th anniversary speaker costs as much as a Jaguar is... or a 2BHK in the not-so-far suburbs! To own a customised B&O home theatre system, complete with the BeoLab 90 Speaker, one needs pockets so deep that when dug, could put Shawshank Redemption to shame. Get the connection?

Smart-er TV, idiot no more!

The BeoVision Avant 85 [also available in 55in, and 75in variants], when turned on, is quite a theatrical experience even before it sprays your eyes with pixels. The speakers emerge out as graciously as a ballerina appears on stage, tantalising, yet gentle in its approach; and retreat back into the cocoon when switched off. You see the television come to life and then you’re submerged in Ultra High-Def 4K picture.

The price tag of 30 lacs is justified by many features. The complimentary sound of the Avant 85 is extendable up to a 7.1 surround solution. With such picture and sound quality, we wouldn’t really have to die to go to sound heaven. But that’s not all that makes it ‘smart’. B&O’s magical mechanics have fit it with eight in-built drivers and amplifiers so the sound is unbeatably good. The TV is also smart enough to analyse ambient light and adjusts the screen accordingly. No more looking for the remote to adjust the brightness and contrast. It’ll do it for you.

The need to step out of your home to catch the Blu-ray prints, play video games or watching sports – outdoors are likely to be eliminated if you own one of these luxury home theatre systems. Doesn’t help you be much of a social being, but anyone who experiences the 4K and sound in your exorbitant little den would understand why. A wine chiller, constant popcorn and chicken tikka supply and you’re sorted. Ensure you don’t become Homer Simpson, so take a few breaks and fit in an exercise routine. Do it before you become a binge-watcher like the infamous Springfield resident.

Heaven is where the sound is!

The BeoSound and BeoLab series of speakers put B&O’s engineering capacities to test. Achieving the metal shapes and the precision required to produce quality acoustic sound is nothing short of marvelous, given the kind of bass they produce. Striking the right balance between design, sound and luxury is something B&O have mastered over the years. Find the store address here.

There are also multi-room collections of speakers that can be paired with multiple smart devices to produce quality sound in each room. Book an appointment and the B&O guys will come home and  personalise your space to make it sound majestic.

Take a moment to proudly admire the work of art you install in your living room, and then immerse yourself in the 4K pixels and the surround sound that defines luxury.