The BackBeat PRO 2 allows you to silence your surrounding with ease

Soundproof your personal space

A single pair of cans to play music, immerse yourself in serenity or block the world out...

Sometimes sequels can do what the original can’t. The newest introduction by Plantronics as a follow-up to last year’s BackBeat PRO is a slimmer, lighter, wireless and a more advanced version of the prototype. Only better, ‘coz this one is not only wireless, it also allows you an easy switch between being social and antisocial – whatever you’re in the mood for – at the touch of a button.

If you are a frequent traveller, you’d appreciate this more than your non travelling counterparts, because you are always subject to the incessant background sounds like the extra-loud passenger arguing over his baggage, the lady requesting for the window seat or the sounds of a wailing baby forced out of bed by his mother – whatever it may be, you have the option of drowning all these sounds.

Is that really possible?

Yes! Simply pair the cans with your phone, use the ‘on-demand active noise-cancellation’, minimize background noise, take refuge from the noisy world outside and wrap yourself in a cocoon-like embrace. Close your eyes and the only thing missing would be a comforter. The connectivity range is up to 100 metres, functions up to 24 hours once fully charged and almost 21 days of standby power. In that case, ₹13,990 isn’t a huge price to pay for some much-needed peace, we’d say!

What’s that? You don’t want to miss flight announcements? You have the option of switching to the ‘open-listening mode’ so you can be in two moments at once without actually removing the headphones. Isn’t that considerate of Plantronics?

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