AXL wants you to have some juice

Case in point, the AXL range of powerbanks that promise to charge two devices at once, and does it in a blink of an eye (okay, it may take more time than that)

Powerbanks are a pretty tough thing to write about, and it’s tougher yet to get someone nuts enough (Stuff India) to write about them.

They’re usually ugly little blocks that look like phones without buttons or screens. So, what’s in this AXL brick that makes us want to write about it? Well, for starters, it looks absolutely stunning. At least the unit we got did. But then, just a good-looking powerbank without much juice is as good as a fancy, used chocolate box. It looks tempting from the outside, you expect delicious chocolates, but instead find needles and some used thread along with other stationary. Good for the AXL LPB110, then; it comes with 10,000mah of power that’s enough to charge your device multiple times, and two USB power outputs (DC5V-1A / Output2: DC5V-2.1A) so that you can charge two devices at once. You can get it for 2999 or cheaper, just look out for those online offers.

Don’t need that much power? There are other bricks available too. In fact, AXL has a wall full of ‘em, and a multi-coloured one to add to the fun. What colours? There’s red, white, black, pink (the one you gift your better half) and one that looks mean in orange and black. Distracted already? Well, pay attention! Especially if you’re one with french fries for fingers or a pyromaniac with immense smartphone charging needs. Because the AXL LPB110 is covered in a fireproof plastic shell. Charging your phone in the event of a fire? No problem. We have no idea why it is fireproof, but hey, it doesn’t hurt having useless features. We know The Human Torch would love it. Check em out here.