Augmented Reality is a workout

Wave your arms and do questionable things

As dumb as the title is, there is really no cure for doing funny gestures in front of a screen while pretending to be Iron man.

Pretending. Yes. Augmented Reality is all pretend-play and less real.

You mean it’s virtual? More or less. Let’s say it’s a close cousin to Virtual Reality. But far from it.

VR has got giants like Samsung, HTC, Oculus and Google scratching for the top spot in twisting our realities. Making games more immersive and interactive. Not just games, but your experiences too. Few couch-daredevils around the world are trying VR experiences to get over their fears - like the fear of heights. That’s how immersive it can be.



So, wait, if VR is so immersive then what’s the need for AR? Well, dear reader, if VR pushes you into the virtual world then AR pushes the virtual world into the real life. See the difference? Microsoft Hololens is a the best example of AR and how it can have some useful applications.

Drop your keyboard, mouse and controllers, your gestures is all you need to work with AR. Something close to what Robert Downey Jr. does in Iron man. Tossing around virtual pieces of his latest Iron man suit projects in thin air without being restricted to a screen and a mouse. Yes, sometimes movies can glorify technology more than its current capabilities, but ain’t those the best movies?

Speaking of which, Comic Con India is trotting around the map and they have Marvel’s Iron man AR experience with them. Tempted already?



The Iron man Augmented Reality experience lets you suit up and blast Ultron’s minions using your hands. No controllers, no sweat-inducing headset or any of those irritating wires dangling about. It’s pretty darn cool when the screen shows you putting on the armor. And it’s not even a preset animation that feels off. The Xbox Kinect camera picks up your body height and structure that effectively resizes the armour accordingly (A few geniuses are trying to put this tech into shopping malls so you don’t have to waste time going to the changing room).

Move your arms to shoot lasers from Hulk buster’s arms or thrust your chest out to go bezerk and fire a satisfying beam of power that destroys everything in sight. Though short lived, the experience is worth trying out.

The VR industry is on a steep rise these days, but AR is something that cannot be ruled out. AR capabilities are far more advance than that of VR and after speaking to a few game designers and AR experts (most of them drifting about at Comic Con), you can be certain about two things, AR is a difficult technology to commit into daily consumer usage hence making it expensive and it can drastically change how we interact with technology.