Audi Q3 gets a facelift

What weighs 1385 kilograms and looks hotter than Caitlyn Jenner? Why, the new Q3 of course

Audi follows the 'don't fix what ain't broken' policy with some of its cars.

The Q3 had a great run since its launch in 2012 but the competition (Range Rover Evoque, BMW X1) has been nipping at its heels for a while now. No more. The new Q3 was unveiled today in Mumbai with a new design and some much needed tech.

So what's new?

A bunch of stuff. From afar, the new Q3 might be confused with the old one but come closer and you start appreciating the subtle changes made in the new one. It is wider than the first model and definitely looks sportier, primarily because of that sculpted iconic Singleframe grille at the front of the car. The tailights have been redesigned as well and for the first time the Q3 packs energy-efficient, daytime-running LED headlights. Interiors have a spash of aluminum all around which we thoroughly approve of.

Speaking of interiors, Audi has decided we've been really good this year and so has been generous with its goody bag. You get the LED interior lights package and the power-adjustable front seats, features taken straight from Audi's luxury class. The Q3 now comes with the MMI Navigation System, Parking System Plus with rear cam, the Audi Sound System with the quintessential Audi music interface, a 20GB jukebox and 2 SDHC slots. 

Under the hood, it remains the same- The Q3 still chugs along on the old 177HP engine. We're going to take this baby out for a spin soon so check back for a full review.